8 tips for a great table display

Memorial Day, a time to honor and remember those who lost their lives while serving this country, is coming in just a few days.  For many, that means BBQ’s, loved ones, and tables of good food.  For others, it’s an excuse to have a party just so they can practice what they saw on Pinterest like two days ago (and then post those pictures online).  YOU. KNOW. WHO. YOU. ARE Continue reading “8 tips for a great table display”

5 Inspirations from Fixer Upper

I walk in to HomeGoods with a huge smile on my face. I mean, not like a cheesy one, but like a really cool, I’m a confident, serious professional smile.  In my head, I’m Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper and I’m on a mission.  Well, until I bump into one of the stock boys and I snap back into reality. “No, George I was NOT just here yesterday.”  Seriously, why is he judging me?  Continue reading “5 Inspirations from Fixer Upper”