Reusable grocery bags + Organization

I don’t know about you, but we have roughly 1,456,789 reusable grocery bags. They’re all kinds of colors, brands, logos, and this is why they are hidden in the dark hole of our hallway closet.   A super ugly, and super annoying mess that we have to untangle every time we remember to take them to the store. Continue reading “Reusable grocery bags + Organization”

Dessert Skewers, so easy kids can do them.

Science shows that 98.4% of people find that food tastes better when it’s pretty.  No, I do not have facts to back that up, just trust me I know these things.  Continue reading “Dessert Skewers, so easy kids can do them.”

8 tips for a great table display

Memorial Day, a time to honor and remember those who lost their lives while serving this country, is coming in just a few days.  For many, that means BBQ’s, loved ones, and tables of good food.  For others, it’s an excuse to have a party just so they can practice what they saw on Pinterest like two days ago (and then post those pictures online).  YOU. KNOW. WHO. YOU. ARE Continue reading “8 tips for a great table display”

Mother’s Day is coming, don’t be Becky.


This is Becky.  Becky gives lame gifts.  Don’t be Becky.

Ok, I know it’s literally 24 hours away from Mother’s Day.   And, I know the internet loves lists.  And, well, I LOVE gift giving.  And while some of these may be a little too late, you should definitely bookmark these for your next occasion. Continue reading “Mother’s Day is coming, don’t be Becky.”

Oh Snap! My first post..

Today is Friday.  And everyone around me knows that Friday’s are my happy days.  You know why I’m so happy?  Because I get to eat today that’s why.  Kate Moss once said that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.  Well, I’m pretty sure Kate has never had the Nachos at La Grande Orange Cafe.

Continue reading “Oh Snap! My first post..”