Mother’s Day is coming, don’t be Becky.


This is Becky.  Becky gives lame gifts.  Don’t be Becky.

Below are 5 of my absolute FAVORITE gifts to give family, friends, teachers, mailmen, dogcatchers…OK I digress, you get the point.

  1. Personalized Gift Box

I learned of Give Lovely not too long ago, and I’ve probably already used it 5 times.  Because who doesn’t love gift boxes?  And who doesn’t love surprises mailed to their front door?  I freakin’ love these.  They’re super cute, fresh and up to date, and quite frankly, they’re not like all those other lame gift baskets you see online.  They have actual stuff your friends/family would actually want.  And my favorite part?  You can personalize it, AND pick everything that goes in it.  These are great for SO MANY occasions.

  1. SAPPY BOOK (or kinda like a really, really, really long card)

I LOVE sentimental gifts.  Last year for my husband’s birthday, I made him a book filled with stories from loved ones.  I reached out to family, friends, and co-workers and asked them to compile favorite stories and memories of him.  I printed and bound it into a book.  I was so excited to give it to him, I couldn’t contain myself.  Ok, I was hoping he would cry, but he didn’t.  You were crying inside, right baby?  But it was probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever given, and one that (HINT HINT), I would love to get myself.

**I bet a compilation of videos would be even more bad ass, but ain’t nobody got time for that over here.

  1. Photo Jewelry

I’m sure you all have seen the craze with personalized jewelry with names and sayings.  But, what I REALLY love, are those gold charms and necklaces that you can actually get photos imprinted on–specifically the black and white photos.  I made a charm of my grandma’s face on one of my mom’s gold necklaces when she passed, and she wears it everyday and it’s beautiful.  Another year I got my nephew one of his father on a dog tag necklace.  You can get one of the kiddos for Mother’s Day, or of the grandkids for grandma.  And hey, you can even get your cat on there too because no one is judging you.  I’ve personally used either Amazon or Pictures On Gold.

  1. Give the gift of experiences 

My husband does not like material things.  There is really no better gift than a fun night out, tickets to a show, or planning a fun trip together.  You can make it extra special by putting these all in a book. There was one year I made my mom an entire book of fun things I got tickets to.  I titled it: “Let’s make memories together.”  It had everything from tickets to a drag queen brunch (hell ya, those are my favorite), comedy tickets, broadway shows, and movie tickets).  If you are in LA, one of my absolute FAVORITE places is Rockwell.  If you see nothing else, you HAVE to see their musical parody shows.  I promise you, they do not disappoint!  And for a more chill, but very special kinda night, try a movie at the luxury theater iPic.  I love iPic.

  1. Inspiration!

Light a fire under all their butts.  The butts of your loved ones that is.  I mean, not a real fire.  But like, a really thoughtful one.  What I’m trying to say is, if you have friends or family in your life that are always talking about things they wish they would do, but never freakin’ do them, then light a fire under their butt.  I’m talking about buying art lessons, dance classes, acting lessons, or I dunno basket weaving or whatever the heck it is your friends are into.  You catch my drift?  Inspire their butts.

Ok, that’s enough butt talk for me, I can already hear my kids laughing in the background.  Hope this was helpful, and comment below if you have other gift ideas, I would love to hear them.





5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day is coming, don’t be Becky.

  1. Hi Becky!!!!,
    Love your gift ideas, my favorite is the photo jewelry. I. Don’t care much for the inspirational. Please don’t judge as you say!! Love U have a Happy Mother’s Day.

    Liked by 1 person

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