5 Inspirations from Fixer Upper

I walk in to HomeGoods with a huge smile on my face. I mean, not like a cheesy one, but like a really cool, I’m a confident, serious professional smile.  In my head, I’m Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper and I’m on a mission.  Well, until I bump into one of the stock boys and I snap back into reality. “No, George I was NOT just here yesterday.”  Seriously, why is he judging me? 

Ok, I think it’s clear that home décor makes me REALLY happy.  I mean, when my husband asks me why I’ve gotten up to pee 5 times in the middle of a movie, it’s not because I might be pregnant, it’s because I’m getting up to admire the new frame I just hung up in the bathroom like 5 hours ago.  Thank you TJMAXX.

And as a lover of all things pretty, Fixer Upper is one of my favorite shows. Well, a close match to the Real Housewives, but that’s for another post, on another day.  Anyway, I digress….So while my home has it’s own personal style, I definitely have my inspirations from the show for sure.

Below are 5 of my top Fixer Upper inspirations in my home right now:

  1. Decorative Ladder


If you watch the show, you know that Joanna loves to repurpose items.  And this has to be one of my favorites.  I remember the first time I saw it on the show, I was like that is so freakin’ genius.  They have these all over the internet, but I have the patience of a small child waiting for a slice of cake at a birthday party, so I got it on Amazon prime.  I personally like the taller ones (6 feet), but they have smaller options too.  I hung a blanket on mine, and put it in the corner of my living room. Isn’t she beautiful?

  1. Galvanized Hanging Buckets


I’ve seen these on more episodes than I can count, and they really lighten up a room. I bought mine directly from Magnolia home, but I opted for flowers instead of the usual green plants she puts in them.  My flowers are from Pottery Barn, you can check them out here.  I’m really particular about the faux flowers/plants I buy for my home.  Be careful because some of that stuff looks like plastic.  And just, EW.  I don’t want that amateur stuff in my home, because I’m a professional damn it.  Well, in my head that is.  I don’t care what George from Homegoods thinks.

3.  Personalized Metal Sign


I still remember the episode where I first saw this, and I yelled a loud AWWWWWW at the TV.  Fast forward a couple months later, and my husband bought me one for the house (thank you baby!).  I really love it, and it was done very well.  It’s currently in our kitchen, and I love staring at it everyday.  I’m sure there are many places to get this done, but we personally used a seller on Etsy you can find here.

    4.  Floating Shelves


I LOVEEEE floating shelves.  And I really wish I could have them in my kitchen, directly on shiplap like on the show.  However, we don’t own our home, so I found a few alternatives.  I got my floating shelves at Target here, but honestly there are even nicer ones online.  But, again, I have the patience of a child and landed on these suckers because I did in-store pick up super fast.  What?  They’re still cute!

In my home, I put them in our bathrooms above the toilet and filled them with toilet paper.  I also put a few longer ones in our bedroom above the desk area.  I’m still playing around with the desk area, so it’s not perfect yet.


5.  Farm House Table 


Ok, guys, I’m pretty proud of myself.  I painted this sucker all by myself.  I mean, I sounded like a moron when I walked into the hardware store trying to describe what the heck it was I was trying to do.  But after I was schooled on what it takes to paint a damn piece of furniture, I have to say it didn’t turn out all that bad.  And well, Ashley from Home Depot, I’ll be back.  And this time I’ll impress you with the right terminology.


Annnnd that’s a wrap folks.  And Joanna, in the off chance you read this, please call me.  We could be BFF’s!



(Sassy mama of 2, lover of all things pretty, and the best karaoke singer ever–or at least that’s what my husband tells me)

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Lover of all pretty things.

2 thoughts on “5 Inspirations from Fixer Upper

  1. Wellll the BFF position is taken…. so back up Joanna. I need this talented chick to come over my place. Ohhh but yea, I moved very far away. One plus is I can steal all your great ideas and say why were mine😆
    Xoxo great post!
    Next stop Bravo’s version of fixer upper 😘

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