Wall Decor Ideas

I’m pretty sure that by the 3rd day we moved in, our neighbors were praying to God we would move back out.  Guys, there are a lot of holes in my walls.  And when I say there are a lot of holes, that means there’s been a lot of banging.  I’m still debating if I should make some kind of bundt cake and take it over there as a peace offering.  Although, I’m confident that would just make them think we’re crazy.  Do people even do that anymore?  If someone knocked on my door with a bundt cake that thing would go straight in the trash.  What?  That thing has calories!

The point I’m trying to make is I really need a cute tool-belt.  No seriously, I do.  But seriously, no, the point I’m trying to make is I LOVE a good accent wall.  A good accent wall, at the expense of my neighbor’s hearing that is.

Below are 3 of my favorite accent walls in my home that, yes, I did myself.  It was me, my tools, an afternoon alone, and some foul language that may have ensued every time I missed a measurement.  And, Unit 1072 if you’re reading this, I’m not sorry.  Because, seriously, look how cute these walls are.

  1.  Living Room


I did this wall 4 times.  I completely filled it, took it down, and did it again.  Yes, folks, these are the things that keep me up at night.  Not how I’m going to pay for my kids college education, but more important things like, is this wall finally visually acceptable?  And the answer is yes, I think.  Well, for today it is.

I found half these suckers at Homegoods (yes, shocker), and half of the art I found online at either Wayfair.com or Art.com.  My favorites are the black and white prints.

     2.  Monster’s Room (AKA the children that live in my house)


Yes, I know.  I deprive my children of colors.  But, look, they deprive me of energy and I think that’s a fair trade.  Besides, when they grow older they will thank me for blessing their life with all the creams of the rainbow.   Pink and purple?  Ain’t nobody got time for that in this house.  I got the items on this wall from a variety of places like Homegoods, Michaels, TJmaxx, Marshalls, and Restoration Hardware.

3.  Master Bedroom


I’ve had some of these pieces from Z Gallery for almost a decade.  I still remember being on Xanax after my Lazik Surgery when my husband brought me some of these as a treat and I cried happy Xanax tears.  He knows better than to bring me flowers, what I really wanted were those damn Vogue prints.  The rest are from Nordstrom Rack (yes, they have really cute home stuff folks), and of course, Homegoods.

Alright, hope you feel inspired, impressed, or at least hungry enough to go bake your neighbors a bundt cake.  And don’t forget to add your email and click follow on the right side bar if you like what you see/read.




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