8 tips for a great table display

Memorial Day, a time to honor and remember those who lost their lives while serving this country, is coming in just a few days.  For many, that means BBQ’s, loved ones, and tables of good food.  For others, it’s an excuse to have a party just so they can practice what they saw on Pinterest like two days ago (and then post those pictures online).  YOU. KNOW. WHO. YOU. ARE

I’d just like to point out that I completely understand that normal human beings get food, put it on a table, and call it a day.  With that said, I am not a normal human being.  Nor do I come from a family of normal human beings.  I come from a family that will serve you crackers on a wooden board wrapped in twine if you come over.  Why?  Because it’s pretty damnit.

With that said, below are 8 tips for a pretty table.

  1. Toss the original container (or save it for later, I don’t care)


For the love of god, don’t serve anything in the original container.  And if you do, please don’t invite my mother over because she will have a heart attack.  Bag of chips?  Take those tasty things out and put them in a galvanized bucket, or a clear bowl.  Dips?  We don’t need to see those hideous containers (or the calories in them), scoop it out and put it in a nice bowl.  The pizza in this picture looks better on a wooden board than a Dominos box, right?  And, if you notice from the picture, I wasn’t just talking about food.  Notice the napkins are NOT in their original container, and neither are the utensils.

     2.  Layer it up


There is nothing more boring than a flat table.  I mean, yes, the table is flat.  What I meant was the stuff on top of the table should have some dimension.  You get me?  I’m talking about plates, mixed with cake stands, or elevated casserole dishes.  Get creative, put stuff in martini glasses, stack books under a plate..etc.  The point is, your table looks WAY better when it’s not just a bunch of plates all over the place.  The picture here is literally a table of snacks my mother made my two toddlers for New Year’s Eve a couple years ago.  Yes, I know, snacks for two toddlers. I told you my family is EXTRA.

   3.  Cake stands


Ok, on the note of layers, I LOVE cake stands.  And FYI, they come in all sizes, heights, and colors.  You know what that means?  That means you can use them for other stuff besides cakes.  Having a dinner party?  Stack some dinner rolls on top of there.  Having a brunch?  Stack some donuts on there.  And, yes, of course you should use that cake stand for cakes too.  Also, FYI, cookbooks look super cute on cake stands as decoration in your kitchen when you’re not using them.  Did. I. Just. Blow. Your. Mind. Right. Now???  The picture shown here is from my son’s bug party, so don’t panic over the spiders. 

4.  Flowers


Flowers really lighten up a table of food.  And it doesn’t matter if they’re real, I always use what I already have in my house.  I have a ton of faux flowers around the house that I just grab and throw on the table.  But please don’t actually throw them.  Place them on the table delicately like the beautiful creatures that they are.

    5.  I LOVE clear Jars


Anything from mason jars to pedestaled apothecary jars, I really don’t discriminate.  You can use the large ones to put lemons, limes, or even a stack of decorative napkins.  Fill the small mason jars with jams, veggie sticks, or olives for a brunch you’re hosting.   You can fill the larger ones with breads, or even candy.  I love putting candy in them for my kid’s birthdays.

   6.  Table cloth


Let me just say that I’ve used a bare table many times, and it looks great if the table isn’t hideous.  With that said, you can really dress up a crappy folding table with a table cloth.  It makes a HUGE difference.  I’ve purchased these cheap suckers for both long tables and round tables, and I’ve used them so many times.  The table in this picture was so ugly, it really would’ve ruined everything on it.  I wish I had a before and after picture like a true professional, but use your imagination damnit.

7.  Beverage dispenser


Beverage containers are very convenient when you have tons of guests, and they’re super cute.  The two pictured here came with the hanging labels.  You can put fruits inside to make it look even better.  Fruits look especially great when you’re making massive pitchers of sangria.  Well, not at a kids birthday of course, we are respectable adults.  Just kidding, the sangria was cropped out of that picture.  And of course, throw some paper straws on the side for some more eye candy.

8.  Place cards/menu holders


Ok guys, this is so easy and cheap.  It’s actually super helpful when you have a party and you don’t have to keep repeating yourself and explaining what the heck is in those sandwiches, in that casserole, or whatever else.  It’s also something that REALLY makes a difference, optically speaking that is.  I use a variety of them all the time.  Sometimes I print out pages and frame them to display a menu or a specific item, and other times I use the mini labels used here.

Alright, I think I’ve given you enough to go make me proud this weekend.  And if I’ve just stressed you out with one more thing to worry about, then my job here is done.  You’re welcome. And don’t forget to add your email and click follow on the right side bar if you like what you see/read.




4 thoughts on “8 tips for a great table display

  1. Great tips! My husband used to poke fun at me because I never serve anything in the original containers when we have company (I got it from my mama) and now it is a pet peeve of his when we go to events where other people do it 🙂

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