Reusable grocery bags + Organization

I don’t know about you, but we have roughly 1,456,789 reusable grocery bags. They’re all kinds of colors, brands, logos, and this is why they are hidden in the dark hole of our hallway closet.   A super ugly, and super annoying mess that we have to untangle every time we remember to take them to the store.

Reusable bags are great for our planet, but not always great for our eyes.  I’m not exactly excited to leave the house with that orange neon bag with that logo, from that brand, from Mark who gave me that free bag at a fair once because I put my email on a sign-in sheet to win a free keychain.  Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Now before you check yourself into Grocery Bags Anonymous, let me just share a few tips.

Step 1:  Rejuvenate your bag inventory


Order some cute bags damnit.  Trust me, you will be more likely to take them to the store.  There are a ton of bags online, but for me personally, I like nice neutral earth tones.  I LOVE these bags.  They come in a variety of prices, but keep in mind, you get what you pay for.  The two on the top from Apolis are the pricier options.  The three on the bottom are more reasonably priced and I got them from Amazon here and here.

 Step 2:  Organize + Decorate!


Once you’ve purchased those beauties, it’s time to organize them.  No more pulling them out of a tangled mess.  I wanted ours in the hallway near the front door so that we could grab them quickly.

I got the sign from HomeGoods, DUH, and the hooks (pictured below) are from Target.  They come in a 3-pack, and I purchased them in the store.  Sorry guys, I couldn’t find the online link.


I had to add a special touch, and placed a faux flower bouquet inside one of the bags.  And, FYI, the best flower bouquets are wrapped in brown paper.  My husband knows that, and you should too.


They smell good too.  Yes folks, potpourri isn’t dead, it just got cuter.  And HomeGoods, seriously call me, I could totally do commercials for you.  And guys, please, when Mark offers you that hideous bag, please just walk away next time.  OK?  You are better than that.



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