10 Essentials For A Pretty Bar Cart

I just walked past my kitchen smiling like a giddy school girl about 34 times in the past hour.  My latest retail therapy purchase is now your blessing.  That’s right, I’ve blessed my house with a bar cart, and now you should too.  Why do you need a bar cart?  Because it’s pretty, it’s practical, it’s space saving, and it’s really fun for entertaining.  You don’t drink?  Bar carts are used for so many other things besides booze.  Here’s a great buzzfeed article on booze-free ways to use a bar cart.  However, we are booze enthusiasts, and our bar cart is strictly used for mixology purposes.  Well, that and eye candy.

This purchase was a result of a Target trip for toilet paper where I ended up accidentally buying a bar cart too. Yes, accidentally.  This just gave me another excuse to go to HomeGoods to pretty this baby up.  Hahaha, JK, I never need an excuse to go to HomeGoods.


I bought the Franklin Bar Cart.  And for a bar cart, this was actually pretty cheap.  However, just a heads up, it’s kind of a pain to put together.

So what did I put on it?  I thought you’d never ask.



1.  Lamp

This is a great idea if you don’t plan on moving your cart back and forth.  If you do, I don’t recommend this.  I loved the idea, and it really compliments the table when we aren’t using it.  This was an old lamp, but I’m pretty sure it was from Marshalls.

2.  Flowers 


Flowers. Make. Everything. Look. Pretty.  That’s all I really need to say here.  I love light colored flowers, however, depending on the color scheme of your home, you could really add a pop of color if you wanted to.  I got these from HomeGoods.

3. Glass Decanters 


You can always leave the booze in it’s original container, however, I personally like getting some glass decanters.  Guys, these are really cheap.  I got them at Target, and the link for the one with a glass lid is here, but I couldn’t find the one with the wooden lid online.  A link for a similar one from the same line is here.

4. Paper straws


I LOVE paper straws, and I use them a lot.  They are such a cheap way to really add some OOMPH.  I placed these in a stemless wine glass for a finishing touch.  And now you can look and feel fancy while drinking a cocktail at home.  I got these for 5 bucks on amazon here.

5. Pitcher


I wasn’t planning on buying a pitcher, but I walked by this one day and HAD to get it.  And, it was perfect for the cart. This is from Marshalls, and was only 7 bucks.


6.  Coasters


Because you don’t want your drunk friend Tiffany to ruin that beautiful coffee table.  I got these at HomeGoods, and for me, they’re perfect because they’re simple.

7.  Bar tools


A true mixologist needs bar tools.  My husband honestly makes the best drinks.  I got all these at World Market.  And then put them all together like this:


8. Limes


We love limes in our drinks.  Throw those limes in a cute bowl, and voila, a cute accent.  This bowl was 5 bucks at HomeGoods.

9. Ice Bucket


This is especially useful for when you’re entertaining and you have booze laying out that you want to keep cold.  It also makes the bottle LOOK cooler.  Pun intended.  I got this baby at TJMaxx.

10. Sparkling water


First of all, I think Pellegrino bottles are just pretty.  Second, we use a lot of sparkling water in our drinks.  So it’s a win-win really.  And these look great with the limes.


Lastly, I’m sure you can see we had wine glasses hanging off the top shelf for easy access.  You can add champagne glasses, or any glass with a stem really.  Whatever glass you decide on using, just be sure that Tiffany uses that coaster.




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