Coffee Table Books make everything pretty: 10 favorites from my home collection

Ok, guys, I LOVE books.  I love the way they look, I love the way they smell, and while I own and love my kindle, I still love the way books feel.  When I was a kid, I was a total bookworm.  Except I never really liked that term at all.  Like, EW. Why did it have to be a worm?  Nobody likes worms, why couldn’t I be a bookswan? Or a bookunicorn?  Ok maybe not a unicorn.  I digress.

Fast forward to my adult years, I now buy those suckers and display them in my home like the eye candy that they are.  Like flowers, books are still one of my favorite decorative accents.  They’re timeless, and they tell a story.  Pun intended.  And while I mostly love my books on tables or shelves, these are two great articles on creative ways to use books, HERE and HERE.

Without further adieu, below are 10 favorites from the collection I have in my home right now.

1. Chanel Three-Book set


Ok, I feel the need to say that I’m not a brand obsessed kind of girl.  I’m the kind of girl that likes to brag how cheap something is.  BUT guys, Chanel is so much more than a brand.


And this book is beautiful.  Also, it was one of my first Coffee Table books, AND it was a gift.  And so this book will forever be special to me.  That, and the next book below.  Cheapest online find HERE.

2. Chloe: Attitudes


This book is beautiful, and I love Chloe.  And the photos inside are really stunning.  It’s a neutral book that really blends with everything.  It’s also a large book, and I love that.  I have it under a pink Dinner Diaries book that I don’t have highlighted in this post, but also worth checking out HERE.  Cheapest online find of Chloe HERE.

3.  Audrey Style


I. FREAKIN. LOVE. AUDREY. HEPBURN.  This is just one of many of Audrey’s books that I have in my home.  I watched so many of her movies with my mom when I was a kid, and I absolutely ADORE her.  To me, she isn’t just a pretty face that I put on a Coffee Table book, she is one of the best memories of my childhood.  And while it’s a great book about Audrey, the cover really is so pretty.  Cheapest online find HERE.

4. Vogue: The Covers


Because Vogue people!  I still remember my mother getting that magazine in the mail when I was a little girl and reading it from cover to cover.  This really is a beautiful book, and they’ve actually done an updated edition, but I have the older version.  If you want a pop of color, you can lay it out as is, but I have it stacked in my living room.  Just, fabulous.  Online find HERE.

5.  Linda McCartney Life of Photographs


I really have nothing to say except that I stopped dead in my tracks at HomeGoods and thought this book was incredibly beautiful.  I loved the colors and the size of the book.  It looks great in my living room.  Online find HERE.

6.  Humans of New York


This is actually a very colorful book, but it has a sheer grayish cover that really covers it well.  With that said, it really blends with most other books you have on your table.  Also, I have a deep love for Humans of NY, and the work that they do.  Online find HERE.

7. Giorgio Armani


Ok guys, this book is huge and it’s heavy.  It has a black and white cover with each side having one of Giorgio now and the other of him as a baby (I’m assuming?).


It’s a really beautiful book, it’s one you probably would want where you could see the cover and not stacked.  Although, I have so many damn books that this beauty is stacked in my home.  Online find HERE.

8.  Hollywood Frame by Frame


Because I live in Los Angeles, and I felt the need to have at least one book on here that highlighted hollywood.  JK, this book is black and white (my favorite two colors), and is super cute.  Also, I had a massive crush on James Dean as a kid and well, he’s on the cover for your enjoyment.  It’s a thinner hardcover book, and it’s perfect for stacking.  Online find HERE.

9.  The Roosevelts An Intimate History


This is a great book, and it’s got that beautiful vintage feel to it that I LOVE.  It’s a light cream cover, and also another one of those HomeGoods finds that I had to do a lot of digging to grab.  Online find HERE.

10.  Lauren Conrad Celebrate


Ok, she is so cute, I really love her.  She’s also a serious bad ass.  So, when I saw this book, and this super adorable cover with her on it, I had to get it.  Easiest purchase ever. Online find HERE.

Alright you bookswans, get yourself on the web and buy your home some eye candy.



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