10 items on my wish list that will totally lighten up your home. Well, not literally.

I wish I was Felicia, she’s always going somewhere.  At least that’s what my mug says.


So, I’m a little obsessed with sayings.  If I could live every minute of my day in a 5-30 character bundle of sass I probably would.  I have words and sayings all over the house.  Guys, that stuff makes me happy.  Look, I’m not saying you need to go buy a sign like this for your kitchen,


I’m just saying you may end up smiling more, that’s all.  Also, FYI, I really think these make the best gifts.  Unless your friends are miserable cows with no sense of humor.

ANYWAY, I LOVE this stuff.  And it really gives your home some character.  Below are 10 of my favorite finds, and are on my “wish list.”  Well, not for long.


1.  Nothing to see here


Ok, so there are a ton of hilarious doormats online, like A TON.  I’m sure you’ve seen the “please hide the packages from my husband” make it’s rounds on Facebook.  I seriously love these, and they don’t get old.  They have this mat on a ton of sites, but I saw it on Etsy HERE.

2.  Um, who rings the doorbell anyway?


I want to hang out with the person that has this sign outside their door.  I found it on Etsy HERE, and it’s hilarious. Oh, and please don’t ever ring my doorbell unannounced.  And if you haven’t seen this clip about doorbells by Sebastian Maniscalo, stop everything you are doing and watch it NOW.  Well, I mean, read the rest of this post first.

3.  Till Wifi do us part


I knew Will Ferrell was a wise one.  And yes, it’s funny because it’s true damnit.  Also, it’s such a cute sign too.  I NEED this.  You can find it on Etsy HERE.

4. I mean, SUPER cute


My husband would never admit this, but this pillow was made for me.  Not that I’m psycho, just a little crazy.  Like, just enough to keep it interesting.  You can find this sucker HERE.

5.  Your welcome


For the grammar obsessed, like my big brother, this could be your next office staple.  You can find it on a new website I just discovered called “Sarcasticme” HERE.

6.  Hangry?


Because I don’t always cook, but when I do, it’s always super fatty.  And it’s always damn delicious if I may say so myself.  I need this for Thanksgiving.  You can find it HERE.

7.  Motivation


I don’t know about you, but I really like to start out my day with daily affirmations.  And, this is making me feel REALLY motivated right now.  You can find this on Amazon HERE.

8.  Just keeping it real


I’ve seen this at a lot of boutiques over the years, and it really puts a smile on my face.  Because, well, I have a black heart.  You can find the one pictured above on Etsy, HERE.

9.  Necessary Bathroom Signs


Because you should always wish your guests the best.  Or anyone, really, that takes a trip to the bathroom.  Buy this sign, and post it up in your bathroom so that everyone knows you have a big, thoughtful, heart.  You can get this beauty HERE.

10.  Just a gentle reminder


I mean, if this isn’t a great life motto, I don’t know what is.  I just wish they made this in a large sign.  They have a few prints online (where you buy the frame separate), but the colors and material of this sign are my personal preference.   You can find it HERE.

Alright guys, I think I’m going to go buy half this list.  And, no, I was not paid to promote these products.  But, seriously someone hook me up.  JK, kind of.  Now go do some shopping, and remember, don’t be a miserable cow.



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