A Home Without Trays Is Like A Picture Without A Frame.

You know how when you’re at HomeGoods and you see something you LOVE in someone else’s cart and so you quickly grab it and put it in your cart while the person is in the other aisle but then they walk back and notice it is gone and you’re like “OMG Susan what kind of monster would do that?” and then you walk away slowly like an evil troll?  I did that today.  Don’t even judge me, it was a super cute tray that I had to have.

So, I LOVE trays.  And I know you’re probably thinking those are for eating breakfast in bed, serving guests at parties, or for when you ask your 6-year old to bring you over a glass of wine from the kitchen.  And yes, they are for all those things.  BUT, guys, they are also great for decorating and making things look more organized.  Think of trays like a frame, not for a picture, but for the things in your home you’d like to highlight. I have a feeling you will never look at the stuff in your home the same again.

Ok let me show you what I’m talking about.

1. Tray I stole from Susan

Look at these random objects I bought without the tray.   They don’t even look cute.  They look totally random and messy.


Now look at them with the tray.  Guys, they are literally the EXACT same set up.  Now they look totally organized, meant for each other, and well, super cute.  You’re judging me a little less for taking this from Susan right now aren’t you?


2.  Organize books


Ok so I got this at Target, and I thought it would be perfect for coffee table books.  Except we don’t have a coffee table because my kids like to run around, and well they rule our household.  But look how cute these books look in this tray.


So instead of a coffee table, we have a side table.  Look at the before and after picture of the books on the shelf before the tray.


Looks a lot more organized and put together in the picture below, right?


3.  Trays look GREAT in bathrooms

Again, before the tray they look super random and unorganized.


With the tray, they look organized and put together.  Just like adding a “frame” to all your stuff.






4.  Your desk needs a tray





Ok guys, you get the point.  I don’t think you need to see every tray in my house. But I really do hope you buy some trays, because they can be super cheap (all mine pictured were under $15), and they make a world of a difference.  Oh and if any of you spot a nice bar cart tray, send it over.  I’m totally in the market for one.  Now go “frame” your home.



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4 thoughts on “A Home Without Trays Is Like A Picture Without A Frame.

  1. Wonderful, simple, tips I’m excited about. I always forget but, have had some great experience with a nice tray or two in the past. Time to go shopping. 😊


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