5 Essentials To Wrap Gifts For ANY Occasion

I don’t know about you, but the way I wrap gifts is a big deal to me.  There is seriously nothing worse than buying the perfect gift, wrapping it in some hideous paper, throwing it in some tacky gift bag, or even worse, (GASP) placing it the original bag you purchased it from.  Unless it’s some fancy brand with a super cute logo that you want to show off, no Susan, we don’t need to know you bought that frame from Target.  Please wrap that up like a proper adult.  And seriously?  Look like you put some effort into it. 


Why?  Because first of all, it looks super pretty.  Second of all, it can really make a mediocre gift look like something really special.  And lastly, it shows the person you’re giving the gift to, that you really made an effort, and that you care.

So I have two large boxes under my bed that are dedicated to all kinds of gift wrap goodies.  BUT what I’m going to show you below are staples that you can use for ANY occasion.  Basically it will save you the stress of finding something to wrap your gifts in last minute, AND it will save you a ton of money.  Here we go:

1. Brown Kraft Paper


I LOVE me some kraft paper guys.  It’s neutral, it’s chic, and it can literally be used for ANY occasion.  Also, just an FYI, it looks super cute around a nice bouquet of flowers. I got a jumbo roll, and that literally lasts me a LONG time, and it was only $12 on amazon HERE.


It’s my absolute favorite thing to wrap gifts with, hands down.

2.  Twine


Allow me to introduce you to kraft paper’s BFF, twine.  If you don’t already own a roll of twine, you have to go get one NOW.  I’m pretty sure I’m going on 5 years straight with this as a staple in my treasure box under my bed.  This looks super cute on SO MANY things, but is also the best compliment if you are wrapping a gift with kraft paper.


I’ve used twine on so much more though.  Trust me, do a simple google search, and you will be sold on all the ways you can use twine.  You can get twine anywhere, but here’s a link for a roll for just $5.

3. Brown Paper Bags


I can’t tell you how useful these have been.  From party favors, to teacher appreciation gifts, to so much more.  It’s simple, can be used for any occasion, and leaves you space to add a pop of color, or some character, with the tissue paper.  I have these in multiple shapes and sizes.  You can seriously get these anywhere.

4.  Clothespins


Ok, I know what you’re thinking, huh? Clothespins really?  YASSSS, really clothespins.  These are so cute guys.  You know those brown paper bags I use?  I usually add a card with a clothespin, and it looks super freakin cute.


And for wrapped boxes?  I can add a simple clothespin for the card, or add one just because it’s a cute accessory.  But let’s be real, I good gift giver always has a card.


I got a huge tub at Michaels a long time ago, but here’s a link to some on Amazon.

5.  Decorative Accessories


Guys, most of the time I find these at the Dollar Store, the dollar bin at Target, bins at Michaels, or you can even google it and you will find a bunch.  Etsy also has a ton.


Whenever I see something cute, I buy it and just save it for the next gift.  I have tons of different kinds (no, they’re not all flowers), this is just one set I had handy and wanted to use.

Ok, I hope you feel inspired.  Trust me, you need these staples.  You will thank me later.  And hey, comment with a pic, make me proud.


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