Guest Bathroom Decor Ideas + Inspiration. (Or At Least A Good Laugh)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you really love your guest bathroom?  Like, are you super excited for guests to use it, or are you hoping they have a large bladder?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten a little creative with ours.  Partly because I wanted a cute bathroom, but also because I always like a good laugh.  If you want to know what I’m talking about, then read on.

Look, my bathroom isn’t exactly magazine status, but I’ve made it our own, and it makes me happy.  First thing I REALLY wanted, was some super cute, cheeky signs.


Because guests need to know you’re thinking of them.  And, they need to know you care.  Also, because, unless your guests are miserable cows, they will have a good chuckle.


You can get this at Mama Bird Lane at Etsy HERE.  Like the floating shelves?  Those are from Target, and super easy to install.  They come in multiple sizes, and you can get them HERE.  Total Fixer Upper status I know.   Ok so turn to the right…


That’s another sign taking your guests into consideration.  Lauren could have left her purse in your living room.  You know what’s in her purse?  Her phone.   She will remember this moment.


You can get this amazing piece of thoughtfulness at Corner Avenue HERE.   But seriously?  Don’t get too excited and take a selfie.  We have rules.


Well, unless you pay rent here, then it’s acceptable.


Sorry, I digress, you can get this baby at Mama Says Signs right HERE.  I LOVED this sign.  Mostly because I love to make fun of people that take those hideous bathroom mirror selfies, but also because this is a really cute farmhouse style sign.


That frame underneath is a super old mirror from World Market that I repurposed.


That table, flowers, galvanized bucket, and towels are all from HomeGoods.


Flowers always make a room look so fresh, and they’re sitting on top of Restoration Hardware magazines (for FREE, yes!).  The rug is from Overstock, and I think it makes the bathroom a little more cozy.  You can get it HERE.  Ok, now go back up…


That chic bundle of sass is Naomi.  I LOVED this picture, so I got the digital copy, ordered it, printed it, and framed it.  If you didn’t read my post about DIY posters, and you like this one, check out all the others and how to do them (for cheap!) HERE.  Ok move back to the right…


Like the Flush sign?  Just so you know, they have many other words like “Wash” “Floss” “Brush” “Rinse” “Smile” and “Relax.”


Also, they come in three different sizes.  Check them out at Wind Flower Market Co. HERE.


Lastly, at the sink, I have more flowers from HomeGoods.


And to the right, I have some soap and lotion sitting on a mini cake stand.


Yes, a cake stand.  Because, it’s cute.   The cake stand, the soap, and the lotion are all from HomeGoods.  I’m really particular about ugly bottles being out.  If you haven’t read my post 3 Simple Hacks For A Prettier Home, you should.  HomeGoods has a ton of super cute soaps and lotions with cute labels you won’t have to take off.

Alright, I hope you feel inspired.  Trust me, your guests will appreciate it.  And no, I didn’t get a single penny to talk about any of these products or stores.  Oh, and if you liked some of those cheeky accessories, check out my other posts 10 Items That Will Totally Lighten Up Your Home.  Well, Not Literally.  Or  10 Cheeky Home Accents You Need Like, Right Now (Part II).



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