6 Reasons To Buy Faux Flowers

I love having flowers in my home, but I don’t exactly have an endless cash flow to replace those suckers every week.  Look, I know there is nothing like fresh flowers.  And I think it’s great that your friend Casey has fresh Peonies delivered to her home every Wednesday.  But I’m on a budget, and I like to spend my extra money on trips to HomeGoods, or something that lasts longer than 3 days.


Faux flowers have come a long way.  I’m not talking about those multi colored, plastic looking things that you’d see at a senior center.  Seriously, no.  EW.  I’m talking about flowers that look exactly like real flowers.  Below are 6 reasons I really think you should consider trying out faux flowers.

1.  Cost savings


As much as we all wish we could splurge on beautiful flowers like Lisa Vanderpump, the reality is we can’t.  And well, I can’t afford buying fresh flowers every week either.  And so, I don’t.  I buy faux flowers once and I’m done.  I can’t tell you how much money I have saved over the years.

2.  Time savings

Ok, look.  I barely have time to shave my legs in the morning.  I don’t know where I’d find the time to go to the store every week, pick out the flowers, cut them, clean them, place them in a vase..etc.  ANDDDD then clean up after they’ve died?  I already have two little monsters to take care of.  I can’t handle one more responsibility, I need botanicals that are self sufficient.

3. They last a long time

Like, forever.  Seriously, the Pottery Barn flowers I have in my home are going on year 9 and they’re in the EXACT same condition.  I’ve had hydrangeas from Pottery Barn AND World Market for years, and they’re both in great condition.


I just recently ventured out and bought a ton of flowers from HomeGoods.  I’ve had them for 6 months now and so far so good.

4.  They make great home accents


They look SO good in your home.  I have them everywhere.  To the point where my mother has told me I need to take it down a notch.


On a side note, they also look super cute in your office.

5.  Parties!


Anyone who knows me, knows that I go a little extra when it comes to parties.  And you know what looks super cute and doesn’t cost me extra money?  Faux flowers.  Ask me to host a bridal shower?  I’m totally going to bring all my faux flowers and save you a crap load of money.  My point is, they make super cute props for parties, showers, events..etc.  I’ve reused mine So. Many. Times.

6.  Gifts


When you’re a girl on a budget like me, a super cute arrangement that I can reuse over and over again would be fabulous.  Homegoods not only has flowers in vases, but they also have super cute faux flowers arranged in a bouquet.  I’ve placed them in my home as a prop (check out my post on grocery bags), and I’ve also placed them in a basket for a wedding/housewarming gift (check out my post on wedding gift ideas).

Ok guys, if you haven’t tried faux flowers, go for it.  Just be careful, don’t get the cheap plastic kind.  Invest in some good ones that will last you years.  Trust me you will save a ton of time and money.



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3 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Buy Faux Flowers

  1. Please! Please! Please!
    Do not use faux flowers at a event, or give them as gifts! There are lots of affordable flowers and greens to use at events (cut out the cheap decorations ) and use fresh.
    If someone game me faux flowers as a gift….ugh no thanks! No class


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