Halloween Tablescape Ideas Under $10

So I was challenged to create a Halloween Tablescape for no more than $10.  The catch?  You can use items you already have in your home too, OR get creative (read on!). It was a super fun project, super cheap, and my kids actually enjoyed it.  I always love when I have something for them to do that doesn’t require precision–because then I end up screaming and no one is happy.

Alright, so let’s break this down…

Step 1:  FREE DECOR!


I found these Halloween center pieces at Target that looked like branches, BUT they were way out of budget for this challenge.  So, I figured, why not get real branches?  And honestly, it looked way better than Target’s when it was done.

Step 2:  Make your own Placemats!


Again, the placemats I found at the store were WAY more than the budget I had to work with.  So what did I do?  I grabbed some wrapping paper and cut out 6 “placemats.”

Step 3:  Creating Dimension!  

If you’ve read my other post on 8 Tips For A Great Table Display, you know how much I hate a flat table.  I grabbed these martini glasses I had already, and stuffed them with “eye balls” I got from the Dollar Tree, and some spider rings I had from an old birthday party.


Step 4:  Centerpiece (FOR FREE!)


Ok, I get it looks kinda odd right here without everything around it, but be patient my little grasshopper.  I had my son stuff the branches he collected into this vase I already had in my kitchen.

Step 5: Set the table!


Total money spent?  $9.  I had the plates, silverware, and cups (mason jars) already in my home.  Those black bowls were sold in sets of three at the Dollar Tree.


I bought those little pumpkins in a pack at the 99 cent store for a nice fall touch.  I bought those napkins in the clearance section at Target for $4.98 (pack of 8).


Lastly, I tossed some cute paper straws into those mason jars.  If you’ve read my other posts, you know I always keep paper straws in my home.  They’re so cheap, and they really add so much to your table.


Annnnnnd that’s it!

Total new items I purchased:

  • $1 Bag of plastic mini pumpkins
  • $2 Black bowls (2 sets of 3)
  • $4.98 8 Napkins
  • $1 Eye ball jawbreakers

Decorating on a budget can be fun right?  Bet you never thought you could make a centerpiece from a bunch of sticks in the dirt, did you?  Or that you could make a bunch of place mats out of paper?  Hope you feel inspired to create your own table, for super cheap.  And if you do, please share it with me!



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