One Room Challenge: Halfway there!

Annnnd just like that, week 3 of the One Room Challenge is complete.  We are officially halfway through, and as expected, my moodboard has changed completely.  I wish I could say it’s because I love a fun plot twist, but really, decisions are hard.  Like, really hard.  And for those of you that have stuck around and answered my 1,786,542 polls on Instagram, god bless you.  You are my people.

First of all, the desk I bought at Restoration Hardware last week, has been returned.  I ended up scoring an amazing deal at Pottery Barn.  I got this beautiful desk for $299 (original price $799) because it was on display and had few scratches. (I call it character)


Well, here’s the ACTUAL desk…



Second, the star of the show this week was the paint.  After a few hiccups (on my part), I used Claire paint to paint the entire wainscoting in the office.


I started out leaving the baseboard and the chair rail white, but then I felt like it may be too busy with the mural and the furniture.


I ended up painting it all black instead.  I chose Blackest by Clare Paint because I adore their paint.  I also work full time and the convenience of Clare Paint doesn’t get better.  And if you’re following along on Instagram, you know the office is small.  It was so nice to paint and not have so many toxic fumes. I talk about all the reasons I love Clare Paint in my blog post here, they’re really my favorite.

Lastly, I ordered this rug!


OK, so what’s up this week?

  • Mural install
  • Mirrors up on opposite wall
  • Order chair for desk + Light Fixture for office

For more details and fun, I’ll be sharing way more in stories on my Instagram.  Please be sure to pop in and answer one of my million polls, and don’t forget to check out the featured designers and guest participants.


See you guys next week, wish me luck!



P.S. Please be sure to scroll down and sign up for email alerts.  I promise I won’t spam you.  It would make me the happiest camper on the block. 🙂






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