One Room Challenge: Week 5

Week five of the One Room Challenge is complete and I have just one week left until the reveal!

Below are the updates from this week:

  • The Pottery Barn table I purchased was clashing with the mural, so I painted it black.
  • The four floating shelves I ordered are now up and installed.  They look Ah-MAZING.
  • I’ve ordered a fourth rug.  Yes, I said FOURTH.  This one comes the weekend of the reveal so let’s hope fourth time’s a charm.


So what’s left this week?

  • Blinds install
  • Rug arrival/placement
  • Desk chair arrival/placement
  • Decorative accessories
  • Lighting (This is a big ‘maybe’ depending on time)

See you next week for the final reveal!  For more details and fun, I’ll be sharing way more in stories on my Instagram.  Please be sure to pop in and answer one of my million polls, and don’t forget to check out the featured designers and guest participants.




P.S. Please be sure to scroll down and sign up for email alerts.  I promise I won’t spam you.  It would make me the happiest camper on the block. 🙂

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