Why I decided to skip the toys this year, and instead, gift memories.

Every year I spend countless hours shopping for and wrapping my kid’s gifts for the holidays. Christmas morning comes, they open said gifts, and all we’re left with is a heaping pile of garbage.  Literally, garbage.  I can tell you my kids don’t remember that dollhouse or that race-car they got, but what they do remember is that trip to the movies in our X-mas pajamas.  They remember decorating cookies at the holiday festival, and they remember story time with the Grinch at the local book store.  And before you lose your breath, I’m not suggesting you get your kids nothing–although I do believe the holidays are about much more, and that’s for another blog post on another day.

This year, I’ve decided I’m done with the crap, and I’ll be gifting my kids nothing but memories.  Memories that will last much longer than any Elsa doll.  And if you’re excited about this idea, and want to try it out, I’ve got you covered.  Let’s do this.

You can probably take all these individual “memory makers” and wrap them individually under the tree, however, I decided to create a coupon book.  There are several online with more pages, but I chose to buy this from Amazon for both my kids.  I’ll leave the delivery and wrapping part up to you.

Now let’s talk ideas.  And let’s be real, memories can cost just as much as toys, and often times more.  So I’ve created a list of both free (or very cheap) ideas, and some that will cost you some money.

Free (or almost free) fun:

  1. Hiking, or a nature walk
  2. Trip to the park
  3. Picnic at your favorite outdoor place
  4. Community events (there are always a ton, check online)
  5. Trip to the library (especially fun during story time)
  6. Trip to the beach (if you live near one)
  7. Trip to a museum
  8. Game night at home
  9. Volunteer work (trust me on this one)
  10. Camp out in your backyard
  11. Camping trip
  12. Date with mom
  13. Date with dad
  14. Date with  ________
  15. Community concert
  16. Visit the animal shelter, or local Humane Society
  17. Stay up a half hour or hour later past bedtime (for little kids)
  18. Trip to the pool (for the summer months)
  19. Favorite meal coupon
  20. “boss for the day”–a pass to be the boss and call the shots for the day

Fun with a price tag:

  1. Tickets to the movies
  2. Tickets to an amusement park
  3. Tickets to the zoo
  4. Tickets to go on a vacation
  5. Trips to indoor playgrounds like Chuck E Cheese, My gym, or lazer tag
  6. Tickets to the aquarium
  7. Tickets to a broadway show
  8. Tickets to a concert
  9. Tickets to a local fair or festival
  10. Spa Day
  11. Miniature golf
  12. Bowling
  13. Boat ride, whale watching, or all things water related if you live near a coast
  14. Classes or lessons–Like cooking class, art class, dance classes, piano classes, sports clubs, science camp…etc
  15. Tickets to a sports games
  16. Trip to favorite restaurant
  17. Go out for ice cream or their favorite dessert
  18. Waterpark passes
  19. Annual passes to their favorite places
  20. Roller skating or ice skating

Look, you get the point.  These is just a list to get your juices flowing, and the internet is filled with ideas and fun local spots, events, and free things happening in your community every week.  Are you as excited about this as I am? Screw that Elsa doll, who’s with me?  I’d love to hear what YOUR ideas are, and I’d love to know if you plan to do this.  Visit me on Instagram, share your thoughts.  And please, sign up for my email updates below.  I promise I won’t spam you.  We can be best buds.



7 Reasons To Check Out Buffalovely For Some Hilarious Home Goods.

If you’ve read any of my other posts on cheeky home accents (Part I and Part II), you know that sarcasm fuels my soul.  And when I find a new place that feeds my addiction, I get super excited.  You love gifting snarky stuff?  Or filling your home with cheeky statements?  You HAVE to check out Buffalovely.  I found them on Instagram, and it was love at first sight.  Let me break down some of my favorites.

1. Mugs


You can find it here.


If you’re a mom, or know a mom, you can find this here.  But seriously, they have a TON of mugs.  I had a really hard time picking a few to highlight.

2. Get your drank on..


Technically I would never need one of these, because I’m no quitter.  But this would make an awesome gift.  Check it out here.


I mean, probably.  Check it out here.

3. Kitchen Accessories

This is where I got really excited.  These. Were. All. Made. For. Me.


Link here.


Link here.


Link here.


Link here.


Link here.


Link here.


Link here.

They have WAY more cute stuff, it was impossible to pick just a few.  Be sure to check out their website for more under this category.

4. Plants


I don’t have plants, but if I did, I would need this asap.  Link here.


Link here.

5.  Frames


Tell me you don’t need this, or don’t know someone that does.  Link here.


I mean ya, if we’re being honest.  Link here.


Again, more honesty.  Link here.

7. Bathroom Accessories


Seriously, wash your damn hands.  Link here.


Link here.


We all have that one friend….Link here.


Because it’s always important to set realistic expectations.  Link here.


Annnnd goodnight.  Link here.

Alright guys, hope you love this shop as much as I do.  For more products, check out their website here.



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7 Reasons You Need A Letter Board In Your Life.

Have you seen those letter boards all over the internet?  If you haven’t, you are seriously missing out.  They have brought such joy to my life, almost more than my own children.  After obsessing over them for weeks, I finally bought one.  And I can assure you, I did not regret it.


You want one?  I got mine at Amazon.  However, you can get them at Target or anywhere else you probably already shop anyway.  They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors.  I got mine HERE, and it came with the board, 620 letters/numbers/symbols (lower and upper case), two letter bags, AND a lifetime warranty.  Not sure if you want one?  Let me convince you…

1.  Cost 

They definitely don’t break the bank.  They start at $12.99, and I got the large one for $30.  There’s actually a larger one at Khol’s for $24.99.  However, the one from Amazon has 4 times as many letters/numbers/symbols included, and that’s important.  They also come with these little bags to store all those pieces in..


2.  Reusable


It’s really the gift that keeps on giving.  I just got mine 10 days ago and I’ve already changed the quote roughly 1,567 times.

3.  Easy

OMG, you have no idea.  Again, I’m reviewing the one I bought on Amazon.  It is incredibly easy to put the letters on and off.  They’re basically letters with something poking out the back like this..


And you simply insert them into one of the lines on the board in half a second.  They go in and out super quick.

4.  Eye Candy


No matter where you end up putting your sign, it really lightens up a room.  And depending on the quote, it’s really the central focus of a room.

5.  Totally versatile


On the note of it lighting up a room, you can really move this from room to room, and from the wall  (yes it has a hook on the back), to a table, a shelf, a chair…etc.  You can use it for a grocery list, a menu, a to do list for the week, in your office…etc

6.  Great prop for pictures


I’m already thinking of the different ways I can use this sign for guests, parties, and special occasions.  This really highlights a picture.  Look how it really lifts up my cheek bones, knocks years off my age, and makes me look super skinny.  It’s like magic.

7.  Drives Creativity


Look, a ton of people use them for inspirational quotes, and I really love those.  However, sarcasm is more my style, and this board really gets me excited to share some of that dry humor.  And creativity is good for the brain, and since helping your brain is good, I’m convinced this letter board will make you live longer.  And well, that’s enough of a reason to buy one in my opinion.

Alright guys, go out and buy one.  I promise you won’t regret it.   And no, I did not get paid to review these.


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5 Cute Travel Accessories You Need

You know how when the entire plane is empty and someone decides to sit next to you in the middle seat, because well, they’re obviously a savage.  And then they talk your ear off and show you a million pictures of their child?  Traveling can be hard.  Buy cute travel accessories.

I am currently in a hotel room, and I thought it would be fitting to share some fun Travel accessories that I’ve been eyeing for a long time.

1. Luggage Tag


You know how you’re waiting at baggage claim and a bunch of suitcases have random markers?  But not like the cute ones, like the random ribbons, or God knows what else.  I don’t know about you, but I love luggage tags, and have yet to buy any.  And this was obviously made for me.  Check it out here.

2.  Travel bags


I. Need. Every. Single. One. Of. These.  I don’t know about you, but I always use a random plastic bag for my laundry.  And that’s if I didn’t forget one.


And I always wish I had a cover for my shoes, and everything else I pack.  And seriously these are the cutest things I have ever seen.  I first saw them online a month or so ago, and I’ve been obsessing since.  Check them out here.  And seriously, check out that entire site by Designs By Maria, they have super cute stuff.

3.  Weekender Bag


Ok I have been in love with this bag for a month.  They literally have a TON of cute weekender bags.  To top it off, I’ve seen them placed as decor in homes on a cute bench or in an entryway.  So, it’s basically a two for one.


You can get the bag here, but seriously, check out Painted Fox Home and their entire site.  They have a ton of cool stuff.

4.  Passport Cover


Because who doesn’t need a cute passport cover?  And, looks like you’re in luck, it’s basically on clearance for $5.99, check it out here.

5.  Makeup Bag


I know I’ve posted this before, but I don’t know why it has not gotten old.  And I’m pretty sure that list of people has gotten longer.  And every time I travel I wish I had it.  Check it out here.

I didn’t get paid to promote any of these products, I just have an online shopping problem.


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5 Essentials To Wrap Gifts For ANY Occasion

I don’t know about you, but the way I wrap gifts is a big deal to me.  There is seriously nothing worse than buying the perfect gift, wrapping it in some hideous paper, throwing it in some tacky gift bag, or even worse, (GASP) placing it the original bag you purchased it from.  Unless it’s some fancy brand with a super cute logo that you want to show off, no Susan, we don’t need to know you bought that frame from Target.  Please wrap that up like a proper adult.  And seriously?  Look like you put some effort into it.  Continue reading “5 Essentials To Wrap Gifts For ANY Occasion”

10 Cheeky Home Accents You Need Like, Right Now (Part II)

Studies show that Retail Therapy is the #1 cure to being a miserable cow.  It’s also proven to make you feel better, smile bigger, and well, just make you happy damnit.  Unfortunately insurance companies don’t cover it quite yet.  BUT I’ve already purchased a bunch from my previous post, 10 Items On My Wish List That Will Totally Lighten Up Your Home. Well, Not Literally.  And well, I feel great.  So the wish list shall continue.

Cheeky home accessories make you smile, make your guests smile, and well, they’re just awesome.  Here we go:

1.  Doormat


Because we all need one, and this one couldn’t be closer to the truth in my mind.  Coming over unannounced?  No, thank you.  You can buy this doormat by Fox and Clover Boutique  HERE.

2.  Apron


I could be serious, I could be kidding.  You will never know.  You can buy this at Sarcastic Me HERE.

3.  Hammer


For your nails damnit.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  I use my hammer A LOT, and well, this one would make me even happier.  You can buy this at Our Board Boutique HERE.

4.  Decorative Pillow


I don’t know about you, but my children are monsters. RELAX, they can’t read.  And my guests really do need a fair warning.  You can buy this beauty at Flying Turkey HERE.

5.  Bathroom sign


Forgot your phone?  Don’t worry boo, I got you covered.  And I already ordered this sucker, so if you come visit my home, you’re in luck my friend.  You can buy this from Corner Avenue HERE.

6.  Coasters


Because your table is precious, and so are your ears.  You can buy these coasters from Pearl Girl Boutique KS HERE.

7.  Book Set


I don’t know about you, but I’m super gangster.  I’m also pretty sure that was the first time in history that anyone ever said “super” before the word gangster.  Either way, I digress. OK, so I. Fell. In. Love. With. This. Shop.  And if you’re a Chanel fan, they have a ton of cute sets at their shop with her quotes on the book.  You can buy the set above HERE.   But seriously check out their entire shop at Shut The Front Door LLC, HERE.  I mean, even the name is cute.

8.  No Soliciting Sign


This practically goes with the doormat listed at #1.  And not only is it funny, but it’s super cute.  I love the farmhouse style.  You can buy this sucker at Freckled Flamingo Co HERE.

9.  Key Dish


I mean, c’mon you need this.  Go buy it now at Block Paper Scissors HERE.

10.  Bathroom Candle


Look, I don’t know your life or your friends.  But, seriously, this will keep you out of jail.  You can buy this at Subversive Housewife HERE.

Alright guys, go do some retail therapy, it’s good for your soul.  And, no, I was not paid to share these awesome necessities.  HOOK. ME. UP.



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5 Fun (and memorable) Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and that means two of my favorite things:  Cards + Gifts.  YAY.  I love receiving cards, and I love giving cards.  And while, for the most part, everything I write inside them is super mushy and thoughtful, I ONLY buy funny cards.  Why?  Because humor is GOOD. FOR. THE. SOUL. PEOPLE.


Now a simple google search will pull up a bunch of great websites, but I personally love Etsy.  Check out some of their light-hearted Father’s Day cards HERE.   The link to the card below is HERE, and the one above, is HERE.


Now, on to the beef.  What to get the old man? I’ve done a post like this for Mother’s Day, and some of those gifts are totally relevant for Father’s Day.  You can check out the full post HERE.  BUT, I’m recycling #2 on that list, because it is still hands down my favorite gift to give ANYONE.  So, here we go, a list of 5 ideas for this Father’s Day 2018:


I LOVE sentimental gifts.  Last year for my husband’s birthday, I made him a book filled with stories from loved ones.  I reached out to family, friends, and co-workers and asked them to compile favorite stories and memories of him.  I printed and bound it into a book.  I was so excited to give it to him, I couldn’t contain myself.  Ok, I was hoping he would cry, but he didn’t.  You were crying inside, right baby?  But it was probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever given, and one that (HINT HINT), I would love to get myself.

2.  All about my dad (Put those kids to work)


This is similar to the gift above, but instead it’s usually hilarious and not so sappy.  Why?  Because kids say whatever the heck pops into their head.  No need to go buy a book, a simple google search will give you plenty to work from HERE.  I think it’s fair to say that if they can write, it’s probably not going to be as funny.  If they don’t know how to write, then they’re still at an age where they’re idiots.   Oops, I mean growing.  Also, FYI, this would totally work for Grandpa too.

 3.  Video Compilation

So, I’m a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  They had an episode where they made this super cool video compilation for their mom.  It was the sweetest, most entertaining thing ever.  SO, I had an idea.


Make your dad a video compilation.  Make it a mix of both old and new videos/photos of you and him AND video interviews of you and your siblings.  Do a healthy mix of sentimental ones like:

  1. What’s your favorite memory with dad?
  2. Why do you love dad so much?

To better, more fun questions like:

  1. What’s your most embarrassing moment with dad?
  2. What have you gotten away with that dad doesn’t know about?

I think you get the point.  Be creative.  And before you rule this out because you don’t know how to edit, let me just tell you something.  I am so technologically challenged.  However, I did a video compilation last year using iMovie.  It was so easy guys, and I actually had a LOT of fun doing it.

4.  Photo Session w/ Dad


I don’t know about you, but I have a TON of old photos with my dad.  However, I don’t have any recent ones.  One of the coolest gifts you could give, is the gift of a professional photography session.  And no people, I’m not talking about photo shots in the mall.  Please, no.  Just, EW.   I’m talking about hiring a photographer to take some photos of you (and maybe your siblings) and your dad.  I promise you those pictures are the best you will ever own.  And I’m sure it would really mean a lot to your dad or grandpa.

5. Sibling reenactment photos

Recreated childhood phtoosσ

This. Looks. Like. So. Much. Fun.  And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you are missing out.  Check out the article where this photo originated from HERE.    Also, I’m not so sure you need a professional to take these pictures, but if you do get one for #4 above, please promise me that you add this to the final roll.  If your pops has any sense of humor at all, he will appreciate this.

Ok, Have a Happy Father’s Day folks.  And remember to sign up for email alerts each time I do another post.