Towels You Will LOVE.

I have a feeling that before you read this today, there’s a chance you didn’t think twice about the towels in your home.  Well, thank God I’m always here to add one other thing for you to stress about, right?  Guys, towels need to be cute.  They can’t just hang there in your bathroom like an eye sore.  Ok, yes they have a function.  But they’re also a great decorative accessory to your bathroom.  They should typically be the same color scheme as the other towels, and they should match everything else in your bathroom.  And for the love of God, unless you’re a starving college student, they should not have holes or bleach marks on them.  You. Know. Who. You. Are.

I don’t know about you, but the towels in my home have been outdated for awhile now.  And while I always buy towels of the same color, over the years the shades are all different now.   So what did I do?  What any other normal person would do, I had tunnel vision and I scrolled the internet obsessively until I found the towels that I loved.  And find something I did.  It was love at first sight.  On Instagram, that is.


So I’ve heard of Turkish towels before, but I’ve heard they’re kinda hit or miss.  BUT, I love these towels.  I bought these by Bosphorus on Amazon in grey, and I’m going to tell you WHY I’m obsessed.



Ok, seriously, these are absolute eye candy.  They’re beautiful, they’re elegant, and they actually look like a throw blanket.  They look straight out of a magazine, and well, THEY. MAKE. ME. HAPPY.

2. Functionality 

Ok, so they’re super thin.  I mean, really thin. BUT, they dry really well.  They actually dry better than my other towels.  I have to admit, it felt weird wrapping myself in a paper thin towel the first time, but it really did dry super fast.

3.  Space saver


So these come in a pack of 4, and when they first arrived in the mail, I was really confused why the box was small.  But, they were all there.  And you know what that means?  It saves a ton of space in your home, AND if you’re traveling.  I read in the reviews that a ton of people take these to the beach.  And as a family of four, 4 thick regular towels take up a TON of space.

And BONUS!  How annoying is it when you have to cram all those thick towels in your washer, sometimes in two loads?  Ya, no these fit easily with plenty of room to spare.

4.  Time Saver

Yes people, they dry super fast.  I put these suckers in the dryer and it was dry in minutes.  That’s less time waiting, and more time for everything else.  Like watching the Real Housewives, or shopping for more towels.

5.  Kid Approved


Because I’m sure that my kids approval is what’s going to tip your opinion over the edge.  But, they really did love these.


Ok, now go obsess over the towels in your home.  Whether it’s these towels, or other acceptable towels.  And if yours are already beautiful, then congratulations.  And no, I didn’t get paid to review these.  I really wish I did though, someone call me.



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