5 ways to make Ramadan fun for kids

May 16, 2018

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Rama, What?  Ramadan is hereeeeee folks, and tomorrow marks the first day.  For Muslims, that means it’s a time to reflect, appreciate what we have in life, and center ourselves for the coming year. Basically for an entire month, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.  That means no food or drinks in that time frame.  Yes, young grasshopper, this is not for the weak. It’s also a time to focus on prayer, good deeds, and staying away from gossip and foul language.  So basically when little Timmy’s mom gives you the side-eye at the school pick up line because you’re blasting Cardi B as you drop your son off at school, you should probably smile and take the high road.   I mean, hypothetically speaking that is.  I digress. For a more educated description of Ramadan, check out this article. I have nothing but great memories of family gatherings and large tables filled with food when it was time to break our fast as a kid.  Over the years, I’ve created some super fun traditions with my kids.  Below are my top 5:
  1. Take them Moon sighting!
IMG_2872.jpg This one is my absolute favorite.  The Islamic world follows a Lunar calendar, and the traditional “moon-sighting” is what kicks off the first day of Ramadan.  Take the kids around the neighborhood to look for the moon. My kids really have a blast with this. Last year we had fun making our own binoculars and decorating them.  However, this year we decided to upgrade and buy actual binoculars on Amazon.
  1. Decorate
IMG_2884.jpg So many stores now have super cute decorations. I have a thing with colors (I’m a little bit of a nutcase), so most of the things I buy are neutral. My favorites are the burlap banners I got from Amazon, and the moon string lights.  However, so many other stores online have other options if you’re a normal human being who likes colors.
  1. Advent Calendar
IMG_2882.jpg One of my kids’ favorite things about Christmas, is the advent calendar (yes, we celebrate Christmas too!).  Ok, maybe it’s the chocolates inside of the advent calendar. Either way, there are so many cute ones online. My favorite, and the one I bought, was on Etsy.  It’s super cute, personalized, and has little sayings about Ramadan on it.  Just a heads up, it’s only the bags. I ended up going to Michaels to buy a board, some twine, and wooden clothespins.
  1. Good Deeds/Acts of Kindness board
IMG_2886.jpg Create a board for your kids to post daily acts of kindness or good deeds.  The older ones can write them down, and the younger ones can draw them out.  You can create your own board or buy one like I did.  HomeGoods has a ton of boards that are super cute, affordable, and best of all reusable.  They can put things on there like donating toys, saying something nice to a friend, or sharing.  Heck, you can make one for yourself:  Be nice to little Timmy’s mom.  Hypothetically speaking, that is.    5.  Baking and Crafts IMG_2887.jpg My kids love baking and love crafts.  There are a ton of cute craft ideas online.  A simple google or pinterest search will pull up thousands.  There are a ton of Ramadan cookie cutter sets on several sites, but Etsy is always a personal favorite.  And if you decide to buy or make a cake, be sure to get one of these super cute cake toppers. Alright folks, I’m getting hungry.  Hope you found this useful, please comment below if you have ideas to share. Love, Deema Feedback? Comment below, or email me: (Deema Tabbara Lopez) at Follow me on Instagram Sign up for Newsletter updates Follow me on Pinterest
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