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June 24, 2018

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Wedding season is here folks.  We literally have two weddings this month alone.  And while that probably means I’ll be watching some of my favorite movies on repeat like Bridesmaids or Bride Wars, it also means good company, open bars, lots of dancing, and you guessed it, lots of gifts.  And who loves gifts more than this girl?  NOBODY.

So we just got back from a wedding this past weekend.  And while some couples have a registry or ask for money, this couple didn’t.  And you know what that means?  I got to go play at HomeGoods.  Guys, HomeGoods is perfect for stuff like this.  It’s also AMAZING for housewarming gifts, but I’ll save that for another post.

All I did was walk down aisle by aisle, ok maybe I was skipping, but I went to each aisle and started throwing stuff in the cart I liked.  After I was done, I narrowed down the items, grabbed a basket to put them in, and then topped it off with some booze from the Whole Foods next door, got a super cute card, and called it a day.

Don’t believe how easy that was?  Let me break down the basket:


So this is the basket.  Let me first start off by saying, I was in a hotel room when I put this together.  And the bed was literally the only thing neutral enough to take these pictures.  So I’m going to need you guys to focus and ignore the side noise.


So I started off with this super cute, and of course, neutral colored frame.  Because if you just got married, chances are you’re about to frame a wedding photo.  And well, enough said.


Super Squishy, super cute, wine glasses.  OMG.  Because I bought them wine, and well, wine glasses were in order.


Because I got champagne, duh.  You can’t give the couple champagne without champagne glasses.  And these are super cute.


Because we knew the groom liked beer, the sign was super cute, and I’m always down for witty home decor in general.


Ok, another frame.  But a totally different one, and a cute one at that.  Guys, if you’ve ever been to HomeGoods you know their frame selection doesn’t disappoint.  And newlyweds need multiple frames.  Trust me.

Mason Jar Shot glasses?  Yes, please!  They just got married, people.  They NEED shot glasses in their life.

Ok I have to admit, the whole “Mr. & Mrs.” thing is really getting old. BUT, I thought this was a cute set, in a cute package, AND for couples that like booze, they really do need a cute and functional cocktail shaker in their home.

Ok so HomeGoods started getting these Faux flower bouquets a couple months ago and I fell in love.  I highlighted them in one of my posts awhile back HERE.  Can I just say I’m obsessed?  Seriously faux flower bouquets, with neutral colors, wrapped in my favorite brown paper, AND scented like real flowers?  I bought these again for the basket because they were a super cute compliment to everything else.

So after I filled the basket, I had to get the booze.  And I don’t mean to brag but I really know what I’m doing when I pick out wine.  Super cute labels, and high percentage alcohol content.  I know, you’re totally impressed.


And if you’ve read any of my other posts about gifts, you know the most important part is the card.  And, well how cute is this card??

And here I am excited and ready to walk out the door.

And here’s the basket I put together.  Again, please ignore the hideous background, I was in a hotel people.


And here’s my excited face, because my poor husband took 1,452,832 pictures with me holding this heavy basket because I was trying to avoid taking an ugly picture of the basket on the hotel bed.

Alright folks, hope you’re inspired.  This really was an easy and fun gift to make.



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  1. […] When you’re a girl on a budget like me, a super cute arrangement that I can reuse over and over again would be fabulous.  Homegoods not only has flowers in vases, but they also have super cute faux flowers arranged in a bouquet.  I’ve placed them in my home as a prop (check out my post on grocery bags), and I’ve also placed them in a basket for a wedding/housewarming gift (check out my post on wedding gift ideas). […]

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