6 Meaningful Gift Ideas

December 13, 2022

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If you’re on a budget, looking for something more meaningful, or just want good ideas for gifts, I got you covered. Whether it’s for this holiday season, or any other occasion, these meaningful gift ideas are sure to be a hit.

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  1. Gifting Experiences

I’m a HUGE fan of gifting experiences (vs. material things). This can be anything from concert tickets, show tickets, sports games, spa day packages, or even classes to things like cooking, art, or music. One year I made my mom a book of different tickets and wrote “let’s make memories together!”

One year for Christmas, I made my kids a book of memories in place of material things. I wrote an entire blog post about it with tons of free ideas, to more costly ideas–you can check it out HERE. I can tell you that that book was likely the most meaningful gift they’ve ever received. And instead of a heaping pile of toys that they would ditch a day after Christmas, we had half a year’s worth of memories we were creating together. They loved it so much.

2. Gift a “book of love”

One year for my husband’s birthday, I made him a book of letters from everyone in his life. I reached out to co-workers, family, friends, and asked them to write their favorite memories and stories of him. It was so special, I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love that.

3. Gift a “video montage”

This is similar to the book of love, but instead, ask people to do videos and you can compile them all together into one video. SO SPECIAL.

4. Gift of personalization

I’ve always been a huge sap for this. There are so many ideas, but here are a few just to get your juices flowing:

-Photo Jewelry-One year I gifted my mom and aunt a beautiful gold charm that had my late grandma’s face on it. THEY LOVED IT.

-Framing sentimental items like shirts, letters, or other memorabilia

-Cutting board engraved with a special recipe

-Restoring old cassette and VHS tapes

-Custom puzzle with meaningful picture.

-Repurpose meaningful items–for example old wedding dress into a skirt for daughter.

-Commissioned art piece from an artist of meaningful places, things, people or pets.

-Custom music box with meaningful song

5. Gift of “remember when” jar

This can be done for anyone, but I had a friend do this with her siblings as a gift for her parents. They grabbed a huge glass jar, and each wrote a ton of “remember when” memories for their parents. These were all hand written on pieces of paper and thrown into the jar. So special.

6. Gift of subscriptions

There are so many monthly services like Audible or even monthly box services like wine, fruit, coffee, beauty, fashion, chocolate…etc. There are so many fun ones these days, they even make self care and wellness box subscriptions. You can find a subscription for literally ANYONE, even kids.

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