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Thanks for stopping by!  I talk mostly about all things Home and Garden, but I do love to dabble outside of my lane (especially if you tell me not to).  I hope you stay awhile. 

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6 Thrifting Tips From A Thrifting Addict

Three years ago I had never set foot in a thrift store (ugh, that’s so embarrassing to type out), and now if I go more than a week without visiting one I start to get an itch like some crazed addict. Do addicts itch? I may have just made that up. Either way, I’m one […]

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Paint is my favorite way to transform a room.
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The high I get from creating and designing spaces is even better than, dare I say it, a steaming hot plate of nachos. Something as small as a new lamp or a frame can give me such a sense of euphoria that I’ll fake trips to the bathroom in the middle of watching a show […]

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Just like those 20 quarantine pounds that I swear came out of nowhere, the emotional love affair I’ve developed for art is something I never saw coming. Art can make or break a space–it sets the tone, brings LIFE into a room, and without it, a room falls flat. The pieces I pick have a […]

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Patio Reveal

My favorite reveal to date.  Read about it below.

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Paint has been my favorite way to transform any room.  

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