6 Reasons To Buy Faux Flowers

I love having flowers in my home, but I don’t exactly have an endless cash flow to replace those suckers every week.  Look, I know there is nothing like fresh flowers.  And I think it’s great that your friend Casey has fresh Peonies delivered to her home every Wednesday.  But I’m on a budget, and I like to spend my extra money on trips to HomeGoods, or something that lasts longer than 3 days. Continue reading “6 Reasons To Buy Faux Flowers”

Looking For A Couch? 7 Sectionals On My Short List

Whether you’re in the market for a couch, or you may be soon, I can say I’ve been looking for months now and it’s not easy.  There are literally thousands of options out there.  One piece of advice?  You really need to go look in person, do not purchase anything online.  Continue reading “Looking For A Couch? 7 Sectionals On My Short List”