3 Steps We’re Taking To Save Our Grass From Those Pesky Brown Spots Caused By Dog Urine.


This week has flown by and today feels like CHRISTMAS.  The day has come….GRASS INSTALLATION DAY!  So here’s the back story…Last year we bought a house, and adopted our beautiful dog, Charlie.  Charlie peed on the grass.  Peed on it some more.  And then some more.  The grass died.  The End.


First thing’s first, to be clear, female dog urine is not any worse than males–in fact it probably smells like rainbows and sunshine.  However, it’s because females squat when they pee, causing it to be more concentrated in one area.  While males, well you know, lift their legs up like savages.

Ok, back to the grass.  The beautifully manicured grass that we had when we moved in, turned into what looked like a junkyard.  So, we decided to do our research, weigh our options, and it came down to a 3-step solution (fingers crossed).


1. New Grass (well, duh)

While we REALLY wanted synthetic grass, our bank account thought that idea was hilarious.  The next best thing was to find a durable grass–and if you don’t know this already, there are all kinds of grass, and some great for pets.

St. Augustine grass, we were told, was a great option.  The only problem was, it can go dormant (so icky brown) for a few months out of the year depending on your climate. Not to mention, it was the most expensive when we looked.  The next best thing?  Fescue.  Also durable, and I hear it’s prettier.  And bonus, it doesn’t go dormant–bye bye icky brown color.

**Fescue and perennial ryegrass are most resistant to dog urine. (according to my very sophisticated google search)

2.  Gummies

img_6633First of all, let me just say this is not an endorsement, nor am I equipped to give a professional opinion on this.  With that said, when I did a poll in my stories on Instagram, quite a few of you sent me this product and said that it worked.

When I looked it up, it had great reviews.  It’s a natural supplement that the product claims “is clinically proven to help flush out any bad bacteria to support the bladder and urinary tract, keeping your dog healthy while ensuring your yard looks great.”

If it’s safe for Charlie, has great reviews, I’m trying it.  I’ll also say, for the first few days she’s been taking them, she LOVES them.

3. Training

Did you hear my loud sigh?  This last part is going to test my patience I’m sure.  I know you can buy fancy rocks and turf online, but I’m going a bit old school with this part.  The plan is to take her on leash in the backyard and train her to pee behind the garage in a designated area.  I’ve heard this can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks–wish me luck!

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23 Additions To Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor projects are hot and heavy over here.  We’ve started adding flowers to our backyard, and it already feels like we’ve resuscitated this little corner by the garage and yet there is still so much left to do.

** This post contains affiliate links.  That means if you purchase something through my link, while it’s the same cost to you, I get a small commission for me and my family.

img_7124With our grass installation coming up this week, I’m anxious to start getting our patio ready.    And because our daughter has a condition that limits her ability to be in the sun, the first thing I did was purchase this 11 ft Centilever umbrella.



I have to say, I searched long and hard for this one.  For it’s size (11ft), the support system, and the lights inside, the $399 price point was really unbeatable.  I did find a similar umbrella on Amazon for half the price–but the base wasn’t as substantial, and neither was the supported back.  It also does not have the lights.  However, it is half the price at $200, and you can find it here.

Now for the fun stuff…I’ve rounded up 21 fun pieces from seating, tables, pillows,..etc.  Here’s just a quick glimpse of a mood board I created for my patio, but scroll down for links and more pieces.



1. Gray Strap Girona Outdoor Accent Chairs Set Of 2


The set of TWO is $319, and you can find it here.

2. Natural Eucalyptus Formentera Outdoor Occasional Chair


It’s $319, and you can find it here.

3. Natural Eucalyptus Formentera Outdoor Occasional Bench


It’s $399, and you can find it here.

4. Oatmeal All Weather Simona Outdoor Loveseat & Coffee Table


This set is $629 and you can find it here.

5. Brown All Weather Nasim Outdoor Occasional Loveseat


This is $839, and you can find it here.

6. Blue Jardin De Millefleurs Indoor/Outdoor 


This comes in multiple sizes, and you can find it here.

7. Kaufmann Wood Patio Coffee Table – Natural – Project 62™


This is $120, and you can find it here.

8. Southport Nesting Patio Coffee & End Table Black/Brown – Opalhouse


The set is $200, and you can find it here.

9. Concrete Patio Coffee Table 31.75″ – Gray – Project 62


This is $179, and you can find it here.

10. Faux Concrete Indoor/Outdoor Accent Table – Gray – Project 62


This is $89, and you can find it here.

11. Santorini Patio Rug – Safavieh


This comes in many sizes, and you can find it here.

12. Outdoor Decorative Throw Pillow White/Brown – Opalhouse


This is $16, and you can find it here.

13. Tassel Outdoor Pillow Gold – Opalhouse™


This is $20, and you can find it here.

14. Outdoor Ottoman Gray / White – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia


This is $64.99, and you can find it here.

15. 8.5′ Round Scalloped Spring Floral Patio Umbrella Green – Light Wood Pole – Opalhouse™


This is $88, and you can find it here.

16. 10ct Incandescent G40 String Lights Copper – Smith & Hawken™


This is $28, and you can find it here.

17. 9′ Elegant Valance Umbrella – Safavieh


This is $107, and you can find it here.

18. Graywashed Acacia Marciana Outdoor Occasional Bench


This is $399, and you can find it here.

19. Faceted Ceramic Planter in Wood Stand White/Brown – Project 62™


This is $70, and you can find it here.

20. 8″ Wood Bird House Black – Smith & Hawken™


This is $18, and you can find it here.

21. 11″ Mild Steel/Glass Bird Feeder Copper Brown – Smith & Hawken™


This is $18, and you can find it here.

22. Olivet Propane Gas Fire Pit Table


This is $569, has great reviews, and you can find it here.

23. Blue Diamond Tribal Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug


This comes in multiple sizes/colors, and you can find it here.

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