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5 Bed Styling Tips (#3 is a game changer)

September 24, 2021

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There are a few things in life that I’m truly good at: mastering the art of an amazing (terrible) karaoke performance, eating an obscene amount of food in record time, and styling a damn pretty bed. And while you likely won’t care about the first two, I figured the last one would be helpful. And as someone who rarely makes their bed (sorry mama you raised me better!), the irony of this post is not lost on me. But seriously, why is something so simple so hard to do? That’s it, my 2022 New Year’s Resolution is going to be: make my bed every day. Until then, gather around kids, it’s story time.

Look, if minimal decor is more your jam, then this post may not be for you. But for me? I’m all about that cozy and collected look. After much trial and error, I finally fell in love with how my bed looked. No matter what combinations of bedding I use, I’ve found that if I do these 5 things, I really can do no wrong.

  1. Shams

I typically have two shams layered in front of the pillow I sleep on. The pillow I sleep on lays flat, while these two shams are propped up in front of one another like you see here. You can opt for some square ones, but my personal preference is rectangle because it makes the bed feel wider. (honestly though, both would look great) I stuff them with king sized pillows.

**Speaking of pillows, I used to have the worst neck pain and I’ve had this pillow for years and it’s the best $39 I’ve ever spent. And if you really want to get crazy, I use these zippered pillow protectors on every pillow in our house.

2. Layer decorative pillows

Next, layer some decorative pillows. I typically like to have at least one lumbar pillow (usually a super long one), and then mix in a few others that are different shapes. Have fun with this, just don’t go too crazy. Too many pillows can look messy. Trust me on this.

3. Layer comforters

This is my secret sauce. You want a fool proof way to add some volume to your bed? Instead of layering blankets, layer in some comforters at the end of your bed. It will look like those ‘poofy’ beds you see on display at the store. Just look at how it looks with a blanket (vs comforter)…

Cute, but I really wanted a bit more oompf. Just look at what a difference adding a comforter (or two, depending on how much volume you want) did. Total game changer.

Ok but now one with Ollie in it…. (if you know, you know)

And look, it doesn’t hurt to mix in a cute rug too. The one pictured above is my favorite one I’ve ever owned.

4. Mix patterns

There’s nothing I hate more than a ‘matchy matchy’ bed. I always mix patterns and colors. Everything from my shams to my pillows, to the comforters and the sheets, I always mix it up. It just looks prettier and it feels more collected. And don’t be afraid to go bold. Throw in some florals or geometric patterns; go crazy. Ok, not too crazy. Just make sure they go well together.

5. Mix textures

Whether it’s linen, velvet, sherpa or some other texture, I always try to mix it up. I do this with the shams, pillows and the comforters. In addition to mixing patterns, it really gives your bed that layered look.

And that’s it! I’ve been doing these 5 things for a year with different bedding options and it works like a charm. It *almost* makes me want to make my bed everyday.

Just look at the different ways I’ve mixed it up while doing the above 5 things..

Alright, that’s a wrap. Drop me a note below if you found this helpful, and tag me on Instagram if you try it and love it. Until next time, have a good weekend!



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  1. Karen says:

    Love how this looks, but I have to confess I hate decorative pillows. Why am I the only one who hates removing tons of extra pillows before getting into bed? Truth be told, I also dislike them on sofas. Pretty but I fund myself moving them to the other end of the couch or on the hearth (or floor). I like to sit all the way back or lying down with a single pillow behind my head. Is it really just me?

    • Deema Lopez says:

      I just put the pillows on the bench at night! As for the sofa, I just move them to the side. 🙂 Love the look!

  2. Cynthia says:

    LOOOOVVEEE!! Three questions (if I may…)
    1. Can you link the bedding in the last photo (the red velvet and the white plaid)?
    2. Which color of rug is the one you have in here?
    3. What color white paint is on your walls?

    ok… one more!
    4. What duet insert do you use?
    please and thank you! xo

    • Deema Lopez says:

      Thank you! Responses to your questions:
      1) I’m sorry its old from last year, I can’t find it!
      2) Rust
      3) Swiss Coffee by Dunn Edwards
      4) Mine is from Brooklinen in the blog post, but some of the other pictures have a comforter with no duvet insert!

  3. Christine says:

    Simply gorgeous. And what a good formula to use. I can never get it quite right so I am going to try version. I love the unfussy pillow shams. Have you linked them before? Favorite picture is of course the one with Ollie!

  4. Kristin Turner-Villanueva says:

    I think you spelled dog wrong, “And look, it doesn’t hurt to mix in a cute DOG too. The one pictured above is my favorite one I’ve ever owned.”

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