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Daughter’s room reveal

After finishing up my son’s room last month, my daughter’s room reveal was next. If you missed it, after sharing a room for years, they decided they wanted their own rooms. My daughter took the room they used to share, and my son took what used to be the playroom. And while my daughter didn’t […]

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My son’s soccer room is finally complete! It was a labor of love and really pushed my creativity. And even though I’m not a huge fan of themed rooms, I wanted my son to be happy. It was important for me to design a room that expressed his needs and his style, all while looking […]

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My son wanted a signed jersey and a small t-shirt up on the wall for his soccer themed bedroom, and I could not find any cute display cases online. So I grabbed two thrifted art pieces, and I framed both. There are two different options, one is with a framed canvass, another uses an alternative […]

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While I have loved branching out and finding creative ways to display art, my heart will always have a sweet spot for a beautifully curated gallery wall. My kitchen gallery wall is hands down my favorite one in our home. And as I start to gather all the art for my son’s room, I’ve noticed […]

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My tears are officially dry from last week, and I’ve started to really have some fun designing my kid’s bedrooms. They’ve both had requests, but my son especially has been very particular about only wanting soccer stuff. And let me tell you, there aren’t that many cute options out there, okay? So naturally, I ran […]

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Shared kids’ bedroom Since my daughter was born, and my son was almost 3 (they are 2 years and 9 months apart), they’ve had a shared kids’ bedroom. For the longest time it was because we lived in a 2-bedroom apartment, but eventually they became inseparable. And when we moved into our home almost 3 […]

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Art on kitchen island, checkered floors, wood and tile floor transition, ikea kitchen, white kitchen

How you can display your art in a way that makes you stand out.

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10 Reasons you may also be an outgoing introvert.

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Three years ago I had never set foot in a thrift store (ugh, that’s so embarrassing to type out), and now if I go more than a week without visiting one I start to get an itch like some crazed addict. Do addicts itch? I may have just made that up. Either way, I’m one […]

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So I turned 38 this week, and I’m officially at the age where vacuum sales and canceled plans excite me. I now mutter things like, “they really don’t make music like they used to,” and you can find me at kid’s birthday parties saying, “I remember you when you were this little!” *insert hand gesture* […]

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Patio Reveal

My favorite reveal to date.  Read about it below.

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Paint has been my favorite way to transform any room.  

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