Why I’m voting for Joe Biden for President.

September 26, 2020

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At the risk of losing the audience I have worked so hard to build, I want to talk to you about what’s been keeping me up at night. While DIYS and design are my passion that I share with you, I hope that you know that there is much more to me than that.

I want my kids to grow up in a world with clean air, water, and energy. A world where no matter your race, gender, age, religion, or sexuality, we are all equal. I want whatever future decisions my daughter has to make about her body to be between her and her doctor, and not the government. I want my kids to walk into a school, or a movie theater, and not have to worry about a crazed maniac with a gun.

I want my kid’s friends to have the same quality healthcare that we do. I want them to know the difference between freedom of speech, and hate speech. I want them to grow up in a world where kids belong in classrooms not cages. I want them to turn on the TV and not see the leader of our country mocking the disabled or the heroes in uniform that put their lives on the line to defend our country. They are not “losers.”

I want them to live in a world where we respect and appreciate the importance of a free press. And that we have the right to peacefully protest without being tear gassed or shot at. I want them to live in a world that doesn’t see “Black Lives Matter” as a political slogan. I want them to know that words matter. And when the president of our country says “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” it is sending a powerful message.

I want them to believe in the power of their vote, and have faith in our democracy. I want them to appreciate our postal workers, and to know that science is real. And when they’re missing part of their childhood cooped up at home, I don’t want it to be because we had a leader that knew about the gravity of the situation and chose to (and continues to) mislead the public and ignore the experts.

I want them to live in a world where the leader of our country prioritizes our citizens over the relationships with dictators. I want them to feel safe. And when my son turns on the TV and watches the leader of our nation mock women about their looks, and talk about how he wants to grab them by the p***y, I want him to know that is NOT ok. Lastly, I want them to know that when I cast my vote for Joe Biden, it’s because I am thinking about them and their future.

I fell in love with Joe Biden many years ago when I first learned about his story. After losing his wife and daughter in a tragic accident, Joe took the train from Washington to Pennsylvania everyday just to be there before his son’s (Hunter and Beau) went to bed, and to be there in the morning to make them breakfast before they went to school. For decades he took that train, and he fostered relationships with the Amtrak crew. Such relationships that one crew member recalls Joe calling to check up on him after he suffered a heart attack. It’s the reason he gives out his phone number to kids with a stutter, or prolongs campaign events to talk with families about their struggles. Whether you agree with Joe on policy or not, that says a lot about a person and their character. And when he talks about his mother instilling in him that “Joey, no one is better than you. Everyone is your equal, and everyone is equal to you,” I know that’s what type of leader he is.

I’ve watched Joe over the years. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him several times. I’ve listened to what he’s said, and I’ve watched what he’s done. There is a reason why so many of his Republican colleagues like John McCain had such respect for him regardless of their differing opinions on policy. And there’s a reason why people like Lindsay Graham said, “He is as good a man as God ever created.” I’ve seen him not only express empathy, but act on it. And when he announced his presidency for the 2020, I was elated.

Joe quotes his father a lot, and how he molded him to be the man he is today. “Joey, I don’t expect the government to solve my problems, but I expect them to understand my problem,” is a favorite of mine. And I believe that. I believe Joe understands. I believe America needs a leader that not only understands, but can express empathy and moral decency. And if you’ve followed him for awhile, you know he often follows up with his endearing, “I mean that,” and it always makes me smile.

Joe also understands the value of workers, and he understands that no one should have to work two jobs to put food on the table and a roof over their head. Joe understands the importance of labor unions, and how they’ve lifted up the middle class. He often tells people that his dad always used to say, “Joey, a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It’s about your dignity. It’s about respect.” And with all the talk about the economy under the current administration, just a quick reminder that the heavy lift to get our country out of one of the worst economic recessions since the Great Depression, all happened under the Obama/Biden administration.

Joe believes in science. He trusts the experts to guide us through this terrible pandemic. He knows Black Lives Matter, and that our criminal justice system is broken. Like his son Beau, he respects our men and women in uniform, and does not think they are “losers.” And he respects them ALL, not just the ones that “weren’t captured.” He believes in equality for all, no matter your sex, gender, race, or religion. He understands that health care is a right, not a privilege. He respects women. He prioritizes the lives of of Americans over ratings. He knows that words matter, and that our kids are watching. Read that again.

Look, I thought a lot about what my “goal” was in writing this. First, I wanted to give you a glimpse of why I support Joe. If I’m going to ask you to vote for him, I believe it’s my responsibility to tell you why. Second, if you’re already supporting Joe, I need you to vote. I need you to talk to everyone you know that will listen, and ask them to vote. I need you to volunteer, and get your friends to volunteer. And if you can, I need you to donate. Third, if you’re undecided, I ask you to consider what’s at stake. And more importantly, I ask you to not take my word for it, but to do your research. Be curious. And if you see a “meme” on Facebook, check the source, and see if there is truth to what’s being said. If you see a video clip, consider the context, and if it’s been edited. With so much at stake, and so much misinformation out there, we have to be diligent in knowing the facts. Lastly, no candidate is perfect. Don’t get stuck on one or two issues, but instead, I ask you to look at each candidate as a whole. Consider the big picture, and then make your decision. Because at the end of the day, it’s our kid’s future that depends on it.

Thank you for listening, and for being here.



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  1. Julie says:

    I love you Deema. VERY well written ❤️

  2. Kelly Lewis says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you—for using your platform to educate and inform, to state exactly what we are up against in this election and the importance of using our vote to get Joe Biden in.
    A lot of people don’t like Biden, fine, but they need to understand he will surround himself with true experts and not just “yes” men—with the best interest of EVERY American, unlike the current president who truly acts like half of this country doesn’t count. I count, my family counts, we ALL count ❤️

  3. Jeanne says:

    Thank you for taking the time to be thoughtful, respectful, and sharing your thoughts! So well written and hope everyone takes a chance to read it!

  4. Jessica says:

    Thank you for this. Very well said! ❤️

  5. Dana says:

    Thank you for writing this! So beautifully written. xoxo.

  6. Deb says:

    Thank you. So well stated.

  7. Peggy Kaczmarek says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Beautifully spoken and so glad you shared this.

  8. Gabrielle Morrow says:

    Beautiful!! Thank you. I’m around for the long haul.

  9. Theda says:

    Thank you! Beautifully said!

  10. Deb - NC says:

    Thank you for taking the risk and sharing your thoughts.

  11. Jill says:

    This is really well written, thanks for sharing! I am voting differently than you but totally appreciate and respect you sharing about this important topic on your platform.

    • luceybee says:

      Hi Jill – Genuinely curious about your reasons for planning to vote differently. Can you share what points you disagree with or what makes you prefer the other candidate?

      • Jill says:

        Lucybee, I would be happy to share my thoughts but I want to be respectful that this is Deema’s platform and she sees this election differently than me. I’m sure in this political climate it took a lot of thought for her to speak out and I just don’t think the comments of her blog is the right place for me to publicly disagree. I’m glad she’s voting her convictions and has the courage to share. My comment was only because I wanted to let her know that I won’t be unfollowing her (or anyone!) because they believe something different than I do.

  12. Gennie says:

    I can appreciate your differing views and still admire what you share about your home design all while standing up for the one I’ll be voting for. As a military family, we stand behind our president and the constitution. We can not go through life choosing only what pacifies us individually. We have to be a voice for the voiceless. Abortion is taking the life of a child. When someone chooses what they think is their right to terminate that life, that’s murder. The choice came before the child was conceived. We all have to answer to someone one day. How will that be explained?…”I ended a life because I wasn’t prepared or..??” A women’s say/right is to educate herself before a life begins. She has a right not to engage in sexual activity if she desires to not become a parent. At the rate Americans are killing the children, we may not need to stress so much about clean air for the next generation. I lay this all at the feet of the mighty God we serve, the Creator of all things. His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    • Lauren says:

      Jill, I am a Christian woman as well and have struggled with this idea too. However, just because someone claims they are in support of something doesn’t mean they actually are. Trump’s claim that he is pro-life is baseless. He actually pressured The First Lady, among others, to have a abortion. Don’t let him use our beliefs as a mask to make himself appear as if he actually cares. He doesn’t. My employer actually grew up with the Trump family as his father was friends with the president during his casino days in NJ. He tells me stories about times when Trump and his father would take bets on which homeless person on the AC boardwalk would die first come winter. He tells me stories about how Trump would treat his staff horribly and put down women especially. There is a reason why my employer doesn’t speak to his father anymore and there is a reason he is an independent voting for Biden. Trump is not the example of a Christian man that he *unsuccessfully* pretends to be. The pope HATES him. He doesn’t even know how to hold a bible and has never attended church. He claims to care about babies and children but there are doctors performing mass hysterectomies in the concentration camps on our border and sick children who are not being cared for and desperately miss their parents. Church and state separateness is needed in our government in order to be just and fair to all. Please consider voting for the person who more wholly and honestly demonstrates the actions and words of a Christian man. This is not Trump.

  13. Charmaine says:

    Very well said! Thanks for your courage writing this at the risk of losing so many followers. Go, Deema.

  14. Brianda says:

    Beautifully written and put! Definitely the duty of every American to vote and use their voice to do better. ❤️

  15. amycrouch_ says:

    Sometimes you have to look at a candidate running for an office as a job interview. After all, that’s what this is. You go with the candidate that is the most qualified to do the job the best way possible. Set aside some of your “must haves” and fill the position with someone who is going to make the place better than where they found it. For me, that’s the Biden-Harris ticket.

  16. Lisa p says:


  17. Good luck with that. I would never vote for a man with diminishing mental capacity. And I don’t want my children to believe everything they hear on CNN as gospel. It’s fake news. Trump never called fallen soldiers losers and suckers. Absolute lie from the left. For someone not political you sure bought into all the lies from the left. Good luck with your family and your career.

  18. Mary Jo Canfie says:

    Thank you for sharing our hope for a better world. Your views are shared by many strong women who have your back💕
    Biden got my vote!

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